Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ringo: 'The Beatles Were Lucky To Have Me'

Ringo's making some headlines with this recent statement.

And I think he has a point. But the truth is they were all lucky to have each other.

They had the perfect package. John, the punk/genius. Paul, the musical savant. George, the perfect third voice for their harmonies. Ringo, the solid back beat and 'everyman' character.

There's a lot of other ingredients to the Beatles franchise, but when they got Ringo, it all came together. Paul says so in the 'Anthology' documentary.

And you have to remember, too, as Ringo points out in his recent statement, that he was in a band that was pretty big, Rory Storm and the Hurricanes. He left a successful, polished act for a rough around the edges smaller band. But he recognized that the Beatles were on the way up and Rory had probably peaked. And he dug their music.

But I do think he's right. Ringo brought a lot to the image. Think about the movies. Can you picture Pete Best in A Hard Day's Night? Hard to imagine.


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