Sunday, May 08, 2011

Macca Takes The Plunge

It's official. Paul is engaged to American gal pal Nancy Shevell.

The Beatles have good luck with American women. The marriages to Linda, Olivia and Barbara all seemed to work out. And even Yoko, who was Japanese but adopted New York as her home years before she met John and continues to live there, sort of qualifies. The marriages to the Brit women all seemed to fizzle: Cynthia, Patti, Maureen and (ugh) Heather. Paul also split with another English lass, his longtime love Jane Asher back in 1968.

And while I'm happy for Macca, I have to wonder why, at his age, they didn't just slip into a Justice of the Peace office and get it over with?

I understand why they are getting hitched. They're in love and he's old fashioned. And considering his immense wealth and age (he'll be 69 in June), it's probably better for Nancy to make it all neat and legal.

But it just seems odd to me for two people, who have both been married before, have been together for years now, who are 51 and 68 years old, and who are worth about a billion dollars, to be 'engaged'. It's not like they have to figure stuff out. Just do it, Paulie.

Now if Paul and Nancy get hitched in the next few weeks, I take it all back!


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