Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Match Game

Once in a while I catch 'Match Game' on the Game Show Network. It's a loving tribute to the early/mid-70's, which contrary to general opinion, was actually a pretty cool era. It was like the 60's without the violence. 'Match Game' was a huge hit back then and had a daytime and nighttime version. It made Richard Dawson a star, and the other regulars, Bret Summers, the fab Charles Nelson Reilly and host Gene Rayburn had a super chemistry. The clothes, the 70's references, the sitcom stars and comedians are a groovy snapshot of the time. I also dig seeing the (somewhat forgotten) women I had a crush on as a teenager like Joanne Pflug and Mary Ann Mobley. And some of the women who I barely noticed back then I find surprisingly sexy now. Like Elaine Joyce and Fannie Flagg. But the best thing is the references to 70's culture. Lots of Godfather and Jolly Green Giant jokes. I heard one today that cracked my up:

'TV Guide Listing: Tonight, Cannon blanks an elephant'.


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