Monday, October 29, 2012

Newsflash: Yoko Didn't Break-Up The Beatles

For some reason, this statement by Paul McCartney is getting headlines. He was interviewed with David Frost (he's still alive!?) and said 'Yoko definitely did not break up The Beatles'.

I never believed Yoko was the blame. To me it has always been one of those myths, like the one about Linda Eastman being related to the Eastman/Kodak family (because she took photographs). Someone was telling me that whopper recently and I couldn't convince them otherwise until I emailed them an article about it.

To think that one person, who barely knew who The Beatles were, could dissolve the most successful act in show business, is absurd.

Paul said it had more to do with the death of Brian Epstein. And I agree. I've said it on this blog once or twice.

But the other reason was the old 'familiarity breeds contempt' thing. After so many years together, they just plain got sick of each other. And the whole Apple business just accelerated it.

Had Eppy lived, and been able to control Apple and their egos, they might have lasted a few more years. Or at least been able to get together for the occasional project.


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