Tuesday, October 30, 2012

David Letterman and Sandy

I've been an Letterman fan since his morning show back in 1980. I don't watch him every night anymore because my bedtime has changed over the years. But I still catch it once a week or so.

I'm really glad I saw last night's program. It opened in front of the theater, Dave and Paul in raincoats, talking about Hurricane Sandy and asking each other if they should do the show.

They forged ahead and without a studio audience did 'The Late Show' to an empty theater. It was great. In this age of so much fake 'reality' and phony enthusiasm (like Ellen DeGeneres and her 'dancing'), it was pleasure watching them wing it.

Denzel Washington was the guest and even pitched in doing some great acting as he rushed into the studio exhausted and soaked.

I still love Dave.


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