Thursday, December 03, 2009

Blackberry 'All You Need Is Love' Ad

I'm not sure what having a Blackberry has to do with the slogan 'Do What You Love'? They have various ads. A struggling rock band, a mountain climber, two woman designing clothes, a date with a couple arguing (and getting back together by texting!?), and a woman break-dancer.

The only one that kind of makes sense is the last one. It shows the woman using her Blackberry to film a dance troupe she wants to join, she goes home and practices the steps, and voila, she's in the group!

But how does having a Blackberry make your band or dress designs better? And how does having a Blackberry make 'doing what you love' easier? Are they assuming that I'd have to cancel that mountain climbing deal if I couldn't 'text' while I scale Mount Everest?

It's like the ads where they equate having a lousy job with having bad credit. I assume they are saying that during the job screening process some companies check your credit report, and if you have a bad one, it could cost you the job. But the type of person they depict in the ad probably aren't aware that having 'bad credit' could have that kind of sideways affect. Besides, the characters in the ad are in a grungey rock band...shouldn't they have shitty jobs and be driving a beater? That's how my life was when I was a punk rocker.

But back to the Blackberry ad...I like their cover of 'All You Need Is Love', though. Never one of my favorite Beatles songs and I think I actually like this one better than the original.


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