Friday, June 26, 2009

Goodbye, Michael

Michael Jackson was a super performer. 'Billie Jean' is one of my favorite songs and I've been playing Thriller off and on since I heard the news.

The television has been 'All Michael', and since there isn't much to report, the pundits are analyzing his career and personal life. They are saying he was in the same league as Elvis and The Beatles, and as far as record sales and overall popularity foes, I'd have to agree.

Back in January 2008, I made a list of 'My Top Ten' rock and roll performers. If you want to see my criteria for the list, check it out in the archives. But here is the list itself:

1. Elvis Presley 2. The Beatles 3. The Beach Boys 4. The Supremes 5. Bob Dylan 6. The Ramones 7. Elton John 8. Pink Floyd 9. Stevie Wonder 10. Black Sabbath

Today I was wondering, 'How come Michael didn't make my list?'. I suppose it's because I was trying to find the best of a category, e.g., Elvis being the best of the 50's rockers, The Beatles the best of the British invasion, Ramones best punk band, etc.

Stevie Wonder (as best R&B solo artist) beat him out and the Supremes beat out The Jackson 5 (as best R&B group).

I'd place Michael as fourth best R&B solo artist behind Stevie, James Brown and Aretha Franklin. And The Jackson 5 would go third behind the Supremes and The Temptations.

But that's just my silly list, for what it's worth. I did love the guy and the Jackson 5 as well. Hell, I grew up with him (he was 10 months younger than me) and always felt a connection being the same age.

I heard a rumor that his Will has him leaving the Beatles catalogue to Paul McCartney. If that's true, I think I'll be moving him to that #1 spot.


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