Friday, June 12, 2009

VH1 Classic Albums Series

Just caught the Plastic Ono Band episode of this great show.

It's a BBC production, shown on 'VH1 Classic' but I couldn't tell you what day and times they air it (I tried checking their website, but it sucks and I quickly gave up).

This was a pretty good episode. Interviews with Ringo, Klaus Voorman, Arthur Janov (The 'Primal Scream' guy), as well as engineers who worked on it and Yoko, of course. Not as robust as I'd hoped, but with Lennon being dead and all, it's mostly other people talking about it. However, just hearing Ringo describe his experiences making this great record made the whole show invaluable. There's also some footage I've never seen of Lennon at some kind of psychedelic event, and from the look of him (moustache, hair length), I'd say it was around the time of Sgt. Pepper.

An interesting tidbit. Ringo, and others, say that Phil Spector (credited as Producer) didn't really produce it at all and was hardly ever there.

If you get a chance to watch it, or any of the others in this series, check it out. They have episodes on The Sex Pistols, Cream, The Doors, Elton John, Elvis and many more.

A bunch of them (including Plastic Ono Band) are available on DVD with 30-minutes of extra footage. So if you can't find it on VH1 Classic, buy the thing. It's a must-see.


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