Monday, November 26, 2007

Beatle Kids

I see that Paul's son James is working on an album with dad. Since his only output so far has been playing some lackluster guitar bits on a few of Macca's solo albums, I don't expect much. And besides, at age 30 James is a bit behind his pop who had already broken up with the Beatles at the same age. It seems to me that rock/pop musicians hit their stride somewhere between their teens and early 30's. At least all of the greats I can think of did: Dylan, Brian Wilson, The Stones, The Who, Ramones, Elvis...But who knows? Maybe James has a decent album in him?

It seems like Zak Starkey and Julian Lennon have had the most success in the biz. Zak plays with Oasis and the Who. Not an "official" member of either band, but from what I hear/read, that's his idea. I wonder if being a Beatle-kid and knowing the inside story of their troubles has made him decide being a "session" player is the better way to go?

And although he only had one successful album over 20 years ago, Julian's Valotte was a massive hit, which is more than most musicians can ever hope for. I'd be glad to go to my grave with one huge hit record!

I also see than Dhani Harrison has a band called "thenewno2". The name is a nod to the old TV show "The Prisoner" (No. 2 was the Prisoners' nemisis). I watched some video and listened to some tunes on their site, and it's okay. The main interest is that Dhani looks and sounds a lot like George. So much so, it's almost distracting!

Paul commented on how much he looks like George at the Concert For George a few years back and said something to the affect of "It's like we all aged and George is still young!"

Sean Lennon hasn't had a bit of luck in the music business. I never listened to his albums, so I don't know if it's from a lack of talent or from not trying hard enough. I suspect the latter.


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