Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Fifth Beatle Retires From Apple

Neil Aspinall has quit his job as head of Apple. He's being replaced by a fellow named Jeff Jones who I know nothing about. I'm sure we'll learn more about Jones soon (who he is, why he was chosen, etc.). Check the "Beatle News" link for more info on the whole story.

I was shocked to read the announcement, but Neil is 64 now and I can't think of a better age for the head of the Beatles' affairs to call it quits and spend his time doing the garden and digging the weeds.

As I've said before, Neil truly is the fifth Beatle. Along with the late Mal Evans, Neil was there from the beginning as roadie and driver. And while Mal moved on after the band split, Neil stayed on to run Apple. He watched over the Beatles' franchise like a mother hen and maintained the high standards we came to expect from a Beatles product.

But in retrospect, maybe he watched it a little too closely. I have no beef with his reluctance to take the music in cyberspace. As the biggest act in pop music history, they have that luxury. However, I've grown impatient with the lack of new DVDs. "Help!", "Magical Mystery Tour" and "Let it be" need to be redone, and I want plenty of extras. And how about a DVD of the bands "videos"?

Maybe this Jones character will get on stick. The new CDs, like Let it be...Naked, Love, and The Capitol Albums are fine, but hey, I've been waiting for a "Let it be" DVD for 10 years. And I ain't gettin' any younger.


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