Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sissy Spacek 'John You've Gone Too Far This Time'

In 1968 Sissy Spacek recorded a flop single called 'John You've Gone Too Far This Time'. It was in reference to the Two Virgins album cover that showed John and Yoko in the nude (front and back).

Spacek recorded the song under the pseudonym 'Rainbo' and I recently heard her discuss it with Terry Gross on NPR's 'Fresh Air' program.

What I found interesting was that while Spacek was willing to discuss it, she wouldn't cop to how dumb it was or any regret or embarrassment. After all, making a record criticizing one of the most beloved figures in pop music, a song that expresses shock and disappointment over nudity, is not something I'd want on my resume.

I guess I was expecting her to say something like 'I'm just thankful I did it under a fake name and that nobody bought it.' Or, 'I was young and offered the job and didn't actually condone the message of the song'.

Instead, she just sort of dismissed it and deflected Gross's attempt at getting at how she actually felt about it some 40 years later.

Here's a link to the song.


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