Saturday, January 16, 2010

Paul McCartney on Golden Globes

Paul will be on the Golden Globes tomorrow. I can't wait to see what kind of gags host Ricky Gervais (maybe the funniest guy on the planet) has in store. Hopefully it will be hilarious and Our Paul will be able to summon up his old Beatles-type humor.

I rarely watch the 'Globes'. The only awards show I never miss is the Oscars. I've seen it every year since I was a kid in the mid-60's. To me, the Oscars, regardless of how 'fair' they are, carries so much more weight than any other 'show-biz' award. The Grammy's are a joke and cater to whatever is popular at the moment. The Emmy's used to be significant, but since the rise of cable and demise of the 'Big Three' networks, I don't even know most of shows or actors nominated.


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