Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spock & George...Separated at Birth?

Leonard Nimoy sometimes reminds me of George Harrison. And vice versa. They kinda look alike. Toothy and long faces. Bushy hair. Same skinny-guy build.

But it's also their 'roles'. Spock and George were the spiritual ones. The quiet ones. They were into weird musical instruments, deep thinkers with a passion for exotic religions. And although Nimoy is over ten years older, they were both born in the late winter. Probably hoping that by their birthdays they'd be saying, 'Here comes the sun!'

They were also famous for being a supporting player of a pop-culture phenomena. Their 'solo' careers were also somewhat similar. Great expectations, but always remembered for their 'co-star' role and like Michael Corleone, always getting 'pulled back in'.

The big difference I guess is that George's albums were better.


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