Saturday, March 19, 2005

Beatles many LPs, so little time...

What the heck do I decide to play on any given day? Years ago, I created a playlist. It's a list broken into seasons (Fall, Winter, etc.), and the play order is based on when the albums were released.

When I got the White Album for Christmas in 1968 (along with a new stereo!), it was one of the whitest Christmas' on record in my hometown of Portland Oregon. So it's only natural that I associate the LP with Christmas and the white snow and the white color of the LP blend together in my mind.

A hot summer day always reminds me of Revolver and Sgt. Pepper. It seems like Pepper got played pretty much everyday the Summer of Love, and I'll always remember the hot August morning that my Mom got my brother out of bed by playing Side 2 of Revolver full blast. The pounding piano intro of "Good Day Sunshine" rousted my brother and I out of a late lay-in. Whether she was aware of the song's relevance is something I'll never know. It was probably already on the turntable, or on top of the stack of LPs in our room.

Here's my playlist broken into seasons, again, based on when they were released. I include all British and American LPs, even the new stuff. I don't include albums like Capitol Albums or the 30th anniversary/limited White Album CD, since they are exactly like the original releases.

SPRING: Please Please Me, Second Album, Early Beatles, Hey Jude, In the Beginning, 1962-66, 1967-70, Hollywood Bowl, Anthology 2

SUMMER: Hard Day's Night, Something New, Beatles VI, Help!, Yesterday and Today, Revolver, Sgt. Pepper, Let It Be, Rock 'N Roll

FALL: Abbey Road, Past Masters Vol 1 & 2, Anthology 3, Yellow Submarine Songbook, 1, Let It Be...Naked

WINTER/HOLIDAY SEASON: With the Beatles, Beatles For Sale, Beatles '65, Rubber Soul, Collection of Beatle Oldies, Magical Mystery Tour, White Album, Live at the BBC, Anthology 1

WINTER/AFTER HOLIDAYS: Meet the Beatles, Yellow Submarine

For the solo albums, I also break it into seasons, but by artist, not by album. This is partly based on the fact that a lot of John's solo work was released in the Fall and Paul's was released in the Summer (which also coincides with their birthdays). Same with George, who released a lot at Christmas and around his birthday in February.


Of course I don't follow this list religiously. I play whatever I want whenever I want. But when grabbing something to play in the car, or when I'm not sure what I'm in the mood for, I use the list. Also, it helps me make sure I give everything I've acquired since 1964 at least one listen per year.


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