Friday, March 18, 2005

Our Paul

For us slightly cynical Beatle fans, Paul has always been our least favorite Fab in a lot of ways. Not for his music, although that's part of it, but because of his personality. In a lot of ways, he seems a bit shallow, stingy and unaware of the fact that he can come off as a asshole.

John is the more interesting one overall, and even though he was a dick, he admitted it in his songs and interviews. He at least TRIED to be a nice guy and was aware of his shortcomings.

Ringo we can't hate. We can dismiss his songs and be awed by his sheer luck at hooking up with the others. But he seems like a generally nice guy, and very normal.

George is tough to figure. He was in a strange spot; with Ringo beside him, he was shoved out of the John/Paul power position. But he was much more talented than Ringo, so it had to be frustrating. The quiet one, the "mean" one (in the movies at least), he eventually went on to make some of the best solo work of all of them. And his journey to find spiritual happiness in such a public way is commendable.

Now about Paul. Always seeming to be justifying his part in the Lennon-McCartney team makes him seem shallow and egotistical. More concerned with hits and being popular, it appears that he misses the whole point of what the Beatles were about: Do your own thing.

But maybe that is his thing? In defense of Our Paul, he was always the PR arm of the act. So playing the Super Bowl and self-promoting his ass off isn't really out of character. It's just that it's more annoying without the other three around him to keep him in check. And for all his shallowness, whining about how he was as good as John, and some truly sappy tunes and sketchy career moves, he does seem happy and well adjusted.

Sure he's had his marijuana problems. The guy was a MAJOR pothead, no doubt.

But he was never a drunk, or a hard-drug addict, and he never got a divorce or had a falling out with his family. He's raised decent kids and is involved in various charities. He's had to deal with the death of two beloved partners (Linda AND Lennon) and seems to keep on moving thru life with a good attitude. The ironic thing is, even though I sort of like Paul the least, I'd rather BE Paul than the others.

And here's my final two-cents: Every move Paul has made since he was a young man has been chronicled and detailed. That being said and considered, he's done a pretty okay job living a decent life. And for a guy who comes off as shallow and obsessed with being popular and admired, he has spent a huge chunk of his life alone in a room, writing music and lyrics and making us all a little bit happier by doing it.


Blogger flintserver said...

Ringo is loved by many Japanese for visit Yoko when John die but not by me.

George lyric terrible always. Preachy preacherman.

Paul good album is Ram and Band On The RUn. Silly lyric also. Please grow up.

John is good all except some few songs.

ALL BEATLES IS BEST. THey disbanded at power apex but too bitter damn.

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