Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Paul Goes Commerical

Sad to see that Our Paul has decided to sell some of his solo work to the corporate world for advertising. I remember seeing him on Bob Costas' old "Later" show years ago, and he was complaining about Beatle songs being put on TV and print ads. I remember him especially angry over Folger's using the line "I went downstairs and had a cup" (from "A Day in the Life") in a magazine ad.

He talked about how using songs for ads actually devalues them, and I agree.

But don't get me wrong. I love the guy. And it's his right to change his mind and do whatever he wants to do with his music. I'm just disappointed.


Blogger flintserver said...

Paul has examined post mortem careers of other artists and knows his work will be sacred to no one even his own family after his death. He might as well get some himself now if everyone else is going to later. Cat is already out of bag anwyay cause of yoko, m jackson, asholes other.

When Paul dies who is guardian of Beatle legacy? Ringo? Ha ha. Paul will outlive, so whoo?

Neil dead. Pete bbest will be the last beatle, it would be soooooo funny!

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