Monday, November 05, 2007

Jane Asher, Still Not Talking

God bless Jane Asher. A fine actress and Paul's main squeeze during all but the very end of the Beatles' heyday, she still won't say a thing about him or her days as a member of the most exclusive club in show biz.

She was the inspiration of a bunch of Paul's songs: "Here There and Everywhere", "And I Love Her", and "I'm Looking Through You", etc.

He lived with her and her upper-class family during the height of Beatlemania, and in his book, "Many Years From Now" (one of the best Beatle books, BTW), Paul credits Jane and her family for educating him about the finer things in life. Their sharp minds (dad was a doctor and mom a music teacher) did a lot of good for our scruffy Liverpool lad. And her brother Peter, of Peter and Gordon fame, went on to become one of the top record producers of the era.

She's obviously got a million great stories, and in a way, I'd love for her to write a tell-all. But she chooses not to. And whether it's because she is pissed about the whole experience or because she's a class-act (or both), it strikes me as super cool that she won't discuss it and simply says her private life is private.

I always dug Jane. I saw the original Alfie again recently and thought she was terrific in her role (Eleanor Bron, a Help! co-star, is also in Alfie, which make the picture a must-see for Beatle-nuts). She's my favorite Beatle wife/girlfriend, and she still looks great at 61. Check out a recent pic and news item about her in the "Beatles News" link to your right.


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