Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Patti's Tell-All

Check out the "Beatle News" link to your right, and see the story about Patti's upcoming book. There's a video interview that is mildly interesting.

The interview is mostly about the George/Patti/Eric Clapton triangle, which doesn't interest me as much as other inside stories she might reveal in the book, e.g., George's general feelings and moods, during and after the Beatles, regarding his status in the band and fellow members.

My take on it, is that he must've had some major highs and lows. 1965/66 seemed quite promising. He was getting lots of album space and with the end of touring, he was probably pretty excited. But there was very little output from George again until the White Album. Did John and Paul shove him aside? Did his foray into Indian music sidetrack him? Was he just being lazy? Maybe she can shed some light on it.

And I'm curious if she's still in touch with Paul, Ringo, Jane Asher, Cynthia, Yoko, etc.? And what about her post-marriage relationship with George? I'm lead to believe they remained friendly.

I assume she's met Olivia and Dhani. Did she attend the Concert for George a few years back? On the recent "Larry King" show with Paul, Ringo, Olivia and Yoko, they played "Something" during one of the bumpers. Larry asked Olivia about it, along the lines of: "How does it feel hearing that one?" She said something polite, like "oh, it's a wonderful song", but I sensed some tension. I was hoping for a more truthful reply as in: "He wrote it for his first wife, Larry. I feel nothing."

Hopefully it will be a decent book and have some new info and insights.


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