Sunday, August 28, 2005

Close encounter with Dhani

My friend "Cowboy" ran into Dhani Harrison at a Dick Dale concert in Portland a few days ago. He approached him and they had a chat. He said Dhani was very friendly and looks exactly like George did back in 1964. He was even wearing a black turtleneck, tight pants and pointy shoes.

Cowboy found out this during their brief chat:

Dhani's fav George song is "Crackerbox Palace" because he recalls when George was writing it and would hum it in the garden. A pleasant time for him apparently.

Dhani is involved in releasing elephants into the wild and was at a protest at the Portland Zoo (Portland is known for it's elephants. When I was a kid "Packy" the elephant was the first baby elephant born in an American zoo and caused some Packy-mania for a while).

Dhani has family on the West Coast (from his mum's side, I assume) and was in Seattle before visiting Portland. He complained about the traffic in Seattle. "As bad as London."

Dhani liked Portland and the way the town is "..laid out." I think he's right there. Portland is broken into four easy to navigate pieces with downdown in the middle.

Dhani agreed with Cowboy's opinion that George was the sexiest Beatle ("The women always fancied my dad.")


Blogger flintstone said...

Your friend Cowboy...

Dhani was born in August 1978.

Crackerbox Palace was released in November 1976.

Dhani may have been a sperm cell at that time. It's possible that he remembers hearing the song while temporarily residing inside one of George's testicles. It would be quite an unusual sperm cell though.

Either that or this Cowboy is a damn, lying fool.

9:39 AM  

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