Wednesday, December 21, 2011

'Jerry Lewis Method to the Madness'...I don't see any method at all

Maybe I was misreading the promos or foolishly hopeful, but it seemed to me that this Jerry Lewis special on Encore was supposed to be a somewhat serious examination of his films. He is, after all, a truly gifted and successful director and there should be a decent retrospective of his work while he's still alive to discuss it.

I have no idea what the purpose of this documentary is. It told me nothing new and i don't care what Alec Baldwin or Richard Lewis think about Jerry. Although, I was surprised and pleased to see that Woody Harrelson is a HUGE Jerry fan, even to the point of saying, 'If you don't like Jerry Lewis, I have no interest in hanging out with you.', which is pretty cool. But it has nothing to do with Jerry Lewis. Woody Harrelson, yes.

I've read a lot of Jerry books and the best I've come across the 'The King of Comedy' by Shawn Levy. It came out about ten years ago. Read that and skip this thing.

That is unless you want to watch people talking about how great Jerry is and see recent footage of him telling jokes that are sexist and in bad taste and an embarrassment. To think I was actually looking forward to this stinker.


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